Why British Education is Popular Amongst Parents

More and more parents today are switching curriculums and opting to enroll their children on British schools. And for a good reason. British schools have one of the best practice teaching methods and well-trained instructors that teach the student to excel in different fields and expertise.


If you are looking to transfer or enroll your kid in a British-run academic institution, these are benefits that your kid will be expected to reap.


  1. Balanced curriculum


British curriculum is known for its rigorous programs that helps students develop their learning and writing skills that is essential in colleges and universities. But aside from that, British education is centered on critical and creative thinking. The academic and core subjects are taught in a collaborative manner in which both the teacher and the students can give their insights, rather than the one-way technique which is usually implemented on other schools.


And the students move along, the number of core subjects are reduced and they will be given the liberty to choose the core subjects they want to focus on. This is to prepare them for more in-depth education that will guide on their prospective careers.


  1. Well-rounded educational focus


Academics is only one-half of the British curriculum. British education also incorporates extra-curricular activities to hone the students on practical skills, bond with students who share the same passion with them or enhanced their academic abilities more. British primary schools in Dubai offers after-school activities to their students. British schools have clubs that caters to different activities like entertainment, sports, etc. For older students, they can also take extra qualification like an after-class lesson to build their student portfolio.


  1. Promotes cultural diversity


British school are very much open on accepting students from different walks of life. As part of most British school’s mission, they want their students to be able to experience different culture by interacting with foreign students who opt for a British education. Although the percentage of foreign students enrolling on international school is lower, they still consider it as a small but important element.


  1. Gateway to prestigious academic institutions


One of the reasons why a lot of parents want their children to take up British education is they have a higher chance of being accepted to premiere universities abroad. British education’s reputation in terms of education is widely-know to these academic institutions and it can be an added point for student vying for a post in an Ivy League school. Students enrolled in British schools are also trained to be globally competitive, which makes them an ideal candidate to any universities they are vying for.


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