Proper Maintenance You Should Do For Your CCTV System

Your CCTV system helps massively on making your space safe. Without security system, you will not be able to man your space 24/7, whether it is your residence or business space. You will have less protection as you will not be aware of what is happening to your surroundings.

But, your CCTV system also needs proper care so it can provide you with clear and crisp coverage. You need to remember that your CCTV system is a security investment and proper maintenance is needed for it to serve its purpose. Here are some maintenance hacks you need to do to ensure you digital eye is at its best:


  • Start with proper installation

The best way to care for your CCTV system is to ensure that it is installed properly. So upon installation, ask a trusted CCTV companies in Dubai to help you with the installation. If you are doing it yourself, you need to know how it is done correctly. Doing it wrong might damage your system and it will be a waste of money. If you are not confident on installing this on your own, you might need to ask someone to help you install.


  • Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance

Like any other equipment, you need to have a maintenance schedule to check and make possible tweaks and repairs on your CCTV system. The ideal schedule would be twice a year (semi-annual). Since it is only twice a year, you need to make a thorough inspection on the equipment to see if there are parts that needed repair and replacement.


  • Clean the lenses

The lenses serves as the eye. But overtime, the lenses become susceptible to dust, grime, smudges and other elements. Dirt can lessen the performance of the camera and also affect the quality of your video recording. If left unclean, this can lead to early deterioration of your equipment. So make sure that the lenses are clean and dirt-free.


  • Make replacements if necessary

If your CCTV camera is damaged or not working, you need to change it immediately. Contact your trusted CCTV installation Dubai companies to provide you with new high quality camera. Cameras that provides poor image quality should also be replaced. If you prolong this, you might be compromising your security as you cannot monitor areas that have security cameras that are not working.


  • Weatherproofed your cameras

Like any other equipment, cameras are also prone to weather changes like rain and snow. Too much heat can also affect the quality of your camera. So weatherproofed your camera to ensure that it can withstand different weather changes.