How to Select and Buy the Best Tea

Who in this world doesn’t love tea? Everybody does! When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you crave for is your morning tea, when you enter in the office; tea is something you ask for everyday. Be it anytime, you never say no for tea. Tea is loved by all; rarely will you see a person who says that he doesn’t love tea.

If you are a true tea lover then you can find the tchaba tea dubai. There are grades of tea; it ranges from premium tea to the lower ones. Many people get confused when they have to select between the tea powder and the loose tea leaves. Off course this decision is not easy to make. If you want to find the best tea but you don’t know how to do it then just don’t worry, here you will find some tips that will help you in finding the perfect tea.

Appearance of the tea powder and leaves

Usually you will get to see tea leaves of different shapes. There are tea leaves that are of needle shape, some tea leaves are of strip shape, some tea leave are of pearl shapes. The tea leaves come in various shapes, if you want to identify the best leafs first thing is to touch the leaves and feel it, if you feel the tenderness, if the leaves are hairy then these leaves are of good quality. Usually bets tea leaves are of dark green color, never go for the fresh leaves, the older leaves are, the more tea will be awesome.


Another thing you need to check is the moisture content. If you are going for premium leaves you will see that it has low moisture content. Means you should choose the leaves that break easily with a slight press of fingers. If you feel that leaves are really damp then don’t go for it at all because those leaves won’t give you the perfect aroma and the taste won’t be good as well.


Aroma of any tea matters a lot. If the aroma won’t be good, the tea won’t catch your attention. If you will buy premium leaves, when you will make tea from those leaves, you will feel a wonderful aroma which will excite your taste buds. If you want to buy the best premium leaves then visit website.