Finding An Appropriate Optic Cable Supplier

Fiber optic is a new type of cable that is fast revolutionizing the way we communicate. Though the cable has been around for several decades, modern research and use of state of the art manufacturing process have paved the way for truly versatile fiber optic cables. Calling them revolutionary will be no understatement as these cables are quite dynamic in nature. You can use them for telephone and landline connections, and the internet. Compared to other traditional wired network, the fiber optic cable allows massive data to be transferred. The difference between old copper wires and the modern optic fiber cable is so huge that we might see it replacing metallic wires in most fields. the optic fiber is particularly useful for internet users. TV cable operators also frequently use optic fiber to provide fast and flawless connections to users. Here is more on how optic fiber cable suppliers in Dubai are making our lives easier:

Know The Cable Better

Have you ever looked into how an optic fiber actually works? If you did not, you are not the only one around. Compared to traditional cables and fibers, an optic fiber uses very thin strands or fiber cables. There are several versions available with the quantity of strands varying between a few dozens to hundreds. Naturally, the more the strands, the more optical data the wire can transport. Usually, these strands are made from glass or plastic and can allow at least 25000 calls per strand. Each fiber optic can literally allow more than a million calls per day. These wires work on the principle of light data, and use lasers to transport data from one place to another. The light is transmitted through a specific strand; each wire has many of these, to the desired location.

The versatility of optic fiber is such that it can carry more than terabytes of data without requiring replacement. This was not possible for users of conventional wires. Suffice to say that fiber optics have essentially changed many lives across the planet. For security purposes to businesses, the role of fiber optics cannot be denied. In fact, these sophisticated cables have since become an integral part of most organizations across the world.

So, the next time you see your cctv companies UAE using fiber optic cable to connect your cameras with, you know the reason.