5 Simple Hacks to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air we breathe is essential to our daily living. Breathing fresh and clean air can do wonders to our body. It can reduce chances of getting asthma and allergies and generally improve our overall well-being.


But due to external factors like pollutants and contaminants, the quality of air that we breathe is compromised, even in indoors. But there are simple solution and hacks that you follow to improve indoor air quality. Read more on these tips and apply them on your space:

Add some greens

Aside from its aesthetic value, plants can do more to as space like purifying the air. There are certain plants and floras that can absorb airborne pollutants to improve air quality. Plants like chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies are known to improve indoor air quality. Place these air-purifying plants in strategic places in your houses, particular in the kitchen. They can absorb harmful air pollutants and also reduce the smell of cooking smoke.

Say no to fuel-burning appliances

Speaking of cooking, a lot of homeowners are unaware that kitchen appliances that run on gas can contribute to air contamination in a space, especially if they are not well-maintained. As much as possible, use appliances that run of electricity to lessen the air contaminants at your home. If you opt on using a gas range stove, have it cleaned and maintained. Same goes for fireplace and furnaces. If not maintained well, they can emit carbon monoxide that is quite dangerous.

Maintain air duct cleanliness

Air ducts are very important part of your ventilation system as it serves as the pathways for cool air to circulate around the house. But most of the time, these ducts are overlooked since they are not that visible a space. Overtime, dust, grime, and contaminants gather on the ducts causing it to malfunction and cause more harm than good in a space. Unkempt air ducts can lead to respiratory ailments and allergies. Be sure to clean your air ducts at least every three to five years. Same goes for vehicles and ships, air duct cleaning in yachts services can provide accurate air duct cleaning for your vessels.

Invest on a quality humidifier

Air humidifiers may look like an additional expense at your utility bill, but you will see its use in the long run, especially during summer season when the air is dry and crisp. Humidifiers can help on increasing moisture in the air and improve air quality indoors. But be sure to clean them regularly as well since it may cause as a breeding ground of molds and mildew. Replace the water on the humidifier on a daily basis.