Art and design in Dubai: Aesthetics and Architecture

From the time you woke up in the morning, the t-shirt you had on, the Smartphone you rushed to immediately check, the newspaper you read over morning tea, design is intrinsically lodged in our society. It is everywhere. It is essentially a part of how we interact with, and experience our world and it has been since before civilization. Yet, the concept of design in modern architecture is fairly new in some countries in the world.

The modern education systems of the world have grouped books, music, paintings, and sculptures together owing to the fact that the artisans have to be fairly inspired to do their work and in that sense, art is not only skill. Debates around the topic, how it affects the quality of life, have been expected. However, when it comes to architecture, people seem to agree on how a piece is, mostly leaning on the side of the controversy.

Yet, if you have been even a little involved in the construction of a single building, even the most unexciting homestead, you know that a lot of planning, artistry, and intentionality is involved in the whole process.

Architecture is not just another media, at least not in the derogatory sense that some people dismiss it. It is influenced by the philosophies that are embraced in its time period and sometimes it is in the frontline of a renaissance.

Think about the round mud huts of the African community in the pre-colonial era and how they influenced the shapes and structures of the buildings we see now. A lot of times, the influences of society are usually lost on us as we focus solely on the minutiae. The big picture, as it were, is completely lost to us.

Yet, if you have been misquoted in an argument or misrepresented because of a word you said you know that context is everything. Dubai is a city where you can dream whatever you will and in a setting like that art can shine without limits but it cannot go unnoticed.

Dubai’s architectural vision is deeply entrenched in the constant futuristic and upwards views of life with the intent of becoming the next best thing. It is truly the epitome of the achievement of dreams. No wonder it now boasts of being the home to the tallest building in the world- the Burj Khalifa.

In the same way that the Bohemian villages of Paris or the African rounded mud hut became the basis of creative progress regarding architecture, Dubai has become the basis for architects to achieve their unsurpassable visions of grand architecture. They may not agree with each other in regards to aesthetics and how much they influence the kinds of structures that they build but they can agree that they are building the future of the world.

And it is just as well because people cannot seem to have enough of the sights of Dubai from the Burj Khalifa to the Palm Islands. They are awed. They are inspired. They are ensnared. Good for Dubai’s economy!